Contact Lenses

Could contact lenses make your life easier? Our home delivery service certainly will


Have you had enough of wearing glasses? Maybe you want to go for a brand new fresh look? Or maybe you lead a busy life and your spectacles are simply getting in the way. Whatever your reason, contact lenses could provide you with a comfortable, easy and relatively inexpensive solution.

Modern technology means that there are a variety of contact lenses available, all specifically designed to fit in with your lifestyle, as well as catering to your visual needs. There are a variety of options to choose from, ranging from ‘dailies’ which can only be worn for one day, to weekly or even monthly lenses, which you can simply clean and reuse each day.

Having options is undoubtedly a good thing, however it does mean that making the right choice can be much tougher. This is why our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer you expert advice to ensure you walk out of our practice with the right lens for your eyes.

Here at iCare Centre Opticians we are all about making your eye care as convenient as possible for you. Not only will contact lenses make your life easier, but our home delivery service will do too. All you have to do is let us know when you need your lenses and, as we already know your prescription, we can order them straight away. Usually they arrive the very next day, so if you live in Luton we should be able to get them to you in no time.

If you do decide to try contact lenses, you will have a full introduction and demonstration from one of our experienced optical assistants before you leave. They will show you how to insert and remove the lenses safely, as well as show you how to keep them clean and bacteria free.

If your think contact lenses could make your life easier, or for more information about what lenses could do for you then please give our team a call on 01582 728731 today they will be happy to help.